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About Us

About us

Sri Anandha Kalpha Foundation is a Charitable and Social Service Trust for needy, established in the year 2010 by Mr. S. Easwaran and Mrs. E. Krithika. It's a Non Profit Organization (NPO) with Social well being as Objective. It's an irrevocable Social Service Trust established for charitable purposes. It is pledged to the Welfare of the people from the most unprivileged society without discrimination of cast, creed or colour. We tackle to initiate a World free from Profiteering and Hatred where everyone has the space to live their lives to their full potential. It is supported by the Volunteers and Contributors to serve the needy.


Arulnithi Dr S. Easwaran's Bio:

Arulnithi Dr S. Easwaran was born in a Traditional Indian Old Vishwakarma Acharya Family. His parents were Srinivasa Acharya C.M and Santa Lakshmi S.His Schooling was at St. Michael's Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore. Dr S. Easwaran had lot of struggles during his early stages, which turned his mind and pursued sanyasi life for 3 years, travelling throughout India. In 2001 he returned to his home town Coimbatore and established Sri Annamalliayar Jewellery, which now stands as the top notch manufacturers of Ancient Traditional Handmade Antique Jewellery works in Coimbatore.

During initial stages Sri Annamalliayar Jewellery was operated in small scale, with continuous efforts and innovations in Antique Jewellery works, Arulnithi Dr S. Easwaran become one of the top designers in Ancient Traditional Handmade Antique Jewellery field and made Sri Annamalliayar Jewellery as a large scale industry, with more than 100 workers and almost 400 peoples are benefitting from Sri Annamalliayar Jewellery.

Education & Achievements:

Arulnithi Dr S. Easwaran pursued Diploma in yoga and became master in yoga, with his hard work and dedication he became the member in various organizations namely, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Central vigilance commission and All India executive member PFI NBSS Government of India.


  Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Human Excellence from Governor of Pondicherry.

  Doctorate in Humanity for Social Service.

  Young Business Man Award from Tamil Sangam.


  • 1 . Mr. V. Ponraj Vellaisami, Scientific advisor Of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • 2 . Mr. P. Kannusami, MA.B.GL, District Revenue Officer
  • 3 . Mr. Dr. R. Soundravel, M.D. Resident Medical Officer(RMO)
  • 4 . Mr. K. Dhamotharan M.A.B.L Public Prosecutor, Coimbatore
  • 5 . Miss. T.R. Ravathi M.A.M.L Assistant Public Prosecutor Judical magistrate no.3
  • 6 . Mr. T. Kaalidhas, BA.BL, Chennai High Court Lawyer
  • 7 . Mr. T. L. Ramachandran, BA.BL
  • 8 . Mr. A. Arulmani, MA.BL
  • 9 . Mr. C. Rajasekar, Advocate
  • 10 . Mr. T.A. Selvaraj, BA.BL, P.G.D.E.C.SPL(PP)
  • 11 . Mr. D. Pandurangappa, DD News Air Covai
  • 12 . Mr. R. Venkatapathy, Freelance, Coimbatore
  • 13 . Mrs. Dr. Mareena Hawkes, All India Anti Crime Corruption Control Committee (Chairman)
  • 14 . Mr. Dr. E. Senthilnathan, B.Vsc, Zoo Director
  • 15 . Mr. R.S. Madhavan, Advocate
  • 16 . Mr V.Nandhakumar IRS joint commissioner Chennai

Vision of Sri AnandhaKalpa Foundation

Humanism and Human development

Human development is our ultimate core point , to bring Love , Peace and compassion to the people in the world , Human need development physically and mentally to transferor himself as a Super Human to lead a beautiful , wonderful , peaceful life,if we need to clean the world finally we need to clean the mind regulate properly, this is the way to bring Humanity and Humanism .

The aim and ideas of the Mission are purely Spiritual and humanitarian, Love compassion and service are three important national ideal of Modern India and the work of Mission strives to practice and preach these the service activities are based on the Message of Ancient Indian Monks and from Rama Krishna and Vivekananda Message to indicate the service to poor is service to god , The Great Leader like Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam teaches the same idea which We are following.


  • Ventured to afford Excellent Education
  • Serving physically challenged and different abled persons
  • Preserving and Defending Natural resources
  • Ventured to Secure pools and ponds
  • Ventured to Endorse Traditional culture
  • Donating foods
  • Endorsing diverse Indian culture
  • Theosophy projects
  • Ventured to deliver public awareness
  • Ventured for Yoga campaigns and Life awareness

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